Monday, March 7, 2011

Tailor Bird ('Tuntuni' in Bengali)

We reappear once again after a long gap!
Here is one special announcement!!

This entry is the 100th entry of our blog. So we are very happy and celebrate with this Tailor bird. Tuntuni as we call. Our friend Shankar Sinha has captured this near his home at Panskura.
This bird is one of the most difficult birds to photgraph, not because of its tiny size, but it can not just sit at one place for more than a few moments and can not decide which direction it will look at! It always appears excited! We all love this bird and this is immortalized in our folk tales by legends like Upendra Kishore Raychowdhury.
Tuntuni's weave neat small nests by floding a leaf and sewing it by collected fiber! Truly a tailor bird!
More you can find in this beautiful site over here.

Photo: Shankar Sinha
Location: Panskura
Camera: Nikon D90