Sunday, August 7, 2011

Indian Grey Horn bill

We feel so good that we are back to our animal blog again after a long gap!
Here is Lieutenant Puskar Basu of Indian Army who came across our blog and appreciated so much. We are (Doro, his friends and Doro's father) indeed so happy. Puskar Basu (Puskar uncle) has sent us a set of wonderful photographs that he clicked at different times; we would love to put them in our blog.
Here is one of them.

This Photograph is of an Indian Grey Horn bill. Lieutenant Puskar Basu writes: I have found him in the branches of tall trees surrounding the campus of the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. At first he was very camera shy, but offering him some delicacies, helped me to bribe him and earn his friendship.

These Indian Grey Horn bill birds are around 2 ft long, they have grey feathers all over their body. They can be found in the Himalayan foothills and up to certain height of Himalayas, on trees, in jungles but not in deep forests and sometimes in urban areas too, generally seen in small groups. What do they eat? They love to eat fruits, but occasionally they eat insects also. The Horn bill has a harsh cry, and an undulating flight, with alternate flapping and sailings.

For More details on Indian Grey Horn bills, click here and here.

Photo: Lieutenant Puskar Basu, Kolkata
Place: Dehradun, India

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